1.2 Moving Up

When Charles returned home that day, he had a somber look on his face. The interview hadn’t gone too well and he was worried he wouldn’t get the job and be able to make the remaining amount to pay for the shop.

His mom noticed his bad mood and asked instantly,

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“Oh sweetie… Don’t doubt yourself. Everything will be fine. You don’t have to do what your friends do. You’re just being yourself and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

“But I’m scared that if my business does not work… if no one buys the things I craft… then, all those hours I spent on the woodworking table would be pointless. I mean I’d rather do something else, be productive with my life, you know.”

04-03-16_11-01-00 PM

And believe he did!

That evening he got a call that he’d been selected for the job at Starstruck Café. He worked really hard and was a dedicated employee.

04-06-16_3-41-15 PM

In no time he’d made enough money to pay for the shop and a week later he had the keys. The shop was only a 20×15 room with cracked walls, two broken windows and one creaking door. Charles had to re-do the interiors and he wasn’t excited about it, at all. Moving back and forth from home to the store was time consuming so he decided to partition the store and make a small room for himself above the store.

Everything was now moving at such a fast pace- packing up his things to move out, renovating the store, setting up the store- that he was left with little time to really stop and think that he was finally moving up; he had already taken the first step to success and didn’t even realize it.

15 thoughts on “1.2 Moving Up

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Well done, Charles! I’m so excited for him! Beginnings are always difficult but I’m sure he’ll make it through!

    Also, his mum is such a sweet and supportive woman! He’s so fortunate to have her. 🙂


    • RemïNarrow says:

      Okay I’m sorry for not replying earlier, I’m sure I must have procrastinated as usual :p
      And yes I love his mother, too! She’s a wise old woman spreading wisdom all around LOL. I love her, too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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