1.3 Saying Goodbye

And the day finally arrived, the day Charles had to say goodbye to his parents, to the home he grew up in. Mixed feelings flooded him as he picked up his belongings and looked up at his parents. His mother was literally in tears while his dad, though sad, smiled encouragingly. He went on to say,

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That brought tears to Charles’ eyes and he let them trickle down his cheeks. There’s no need to hide how I feel, he thought and went on to hug his parents.

When he reached the store, it was empty. It looked so much better now that he had renovated the interiors. He was still left with setting up the store as well as his make-shift studio apartment. He decided to start with the apartment and spent the rest of the day unloading his stuff and moving things in. It was 6 pm by the time he was done. He sat down and scanned the room; he was pretty satisfied with the way it had turned out. After sometime he thought to himself,

04-04-16_6-04-07 PM

He wished his friends were with him to join him in his celebration but later convinced himself to go alone.

The nightclub was surprisingly crowded that night. He moved through the swarm of clubbers towards the bar and ordered a non-alcoholic drink. As he was making his way to a nearby table he accidentally stepped on somebody’s foot. He fumbled and tried balancing his drink making sure not to spill it. When he looked up he saw a big guy towering him; almost double his size.

04-06-16_6-51-39 PM

The big guy began swearing at him; clearly he was drunk. Charles tried apologizing but his efforts were in vain.

04-06-16_6-30-48 PM

And then everything happened in a flash- the drunk guy started beating him while others watched them fight.

04-06-16_6-32-522 PM

As revenge, Charles threw his drink in the guy’s face.

04-06-16_6-47-36 PM

The guy backed off rubbing his eyes and screaming at the same time.

04-06-16_6-49-47 PM

That’s when Charles tried to escape only to be stopped by a police officer.

04-06-16_6-43-20 PM

The next thing he knew, he was in the police car beside the big drunk guy, on his way to the police station. What a perfect way to end the first day as an independent adult!

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