1.8 She’s the One

Four months had gone by, and surprisingly Charles loved this new lifestyle. He met so many of Laura’s friends and everyone loved having him at their parties. It was pure ecstasy and he truly loved drowning himself in the music and the alcohol.


04-15-16_2-17-49 PM

It let him escape his worries, not that he had many. He did have his business to worry about, but the moment he was on the dance floor, he lost himself in the madness, or so he used to think. This was his life now and he never complained once.

04-15-16_2-14-35 PM

He knew the consequences of living such a life. He would often drop dead on the couch when he returned home and wouldn’t wake up until noon.

He wouldn’t get enough time to craft new furniture and even if he did, he’d be tired because of lack of sleep. At one point, he had to keep the store closed for five days straight because he was out of stock. He was losing so much money but he never complained because if he did, it meant losing everything and that included Laura.

She was the only reason he enjoyed going to these parties, the only reason he let himself drown in alcohol, the only reason he never complained about all the hangovers he had. Without her, nothing made sense; he wouldn’t be the party animal he had become if it wasn’t for her.

He particularly loved to see her dance, the way her body swayed ever so gracefully to the rhythm and beats.

04-15-16_2-22-25 PM

The way she laughed, the way she went around chatting with each and everyone, cracking jokes and making them laugh. He loved her sense of humor. There was nothing, he didn’t like about her. She was perfect and he was madly in love with her.

Yes, he loved her. He knew he did, but what he didn’t know was the right way to confess his feelings. He spent hours thinking about it and then, the inevitable question he always asked himself, “What if I can’t? Will she hate me if I tell her how I feel?”

“She won’t” replied his mother.

“We’ve been friends for over a year now. I’d hate to mess our friendship. I mean, if she doesn’t think about me the same way… everything will be ruined!” he sounded really worried.

“Stop being so pessimistic! Everything will be ok!” his mother exclaimed.

But he wasn’t so sure he could say it out loud, so he decided to write her a letter.


He looked at the untidy note and shook his head in disappointment, “This is horrible!” he exclaimed. “This is so embarrassing. I’m never showing this to her” saying that, he shoved the piece of paper in the pocket of his jeans.


17 thoughts on “1.8 She’s the One

    • RemïNarrow says:

      He’s seriously the ‘ideal’ son, boyfriend, husband, father! Sometimes I wonder if I’ve made him too unrealistic, I mean I haven’t met any guy who’s this adoreble! 😚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Virtualee says:

        I know what you mean – I wrote about a super sexy gentlemanly and perfect guy (I may or may not have had a pixelated infatuation with him) and well you know it happens, there has to be a strong sexy male protagonist in the story right?


      • RemïNarrow says:

        Yes! They’re all products of our imagination, after all! I mean who wouldn’t dream to be with an adorable guy some day? 😍

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    Mmmmm, ideal? I don’t know about that. I love Charles so much, but I kinda see him as having layers of attributes and flaws. I’ll happily list them out for you if you want! Adorable is at the top of the list of attributes. Easily influenced is at the top of the list of flaws.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Chicago-Style Girl says:

        Charlie has these moments where he is thinking very strong thoughts about what he wants and what he thinks he should do. All it takes is one request or push from someone else, and he almost immediately starts doing the opposite of what he would’ve done without their influence.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ARoseInBloomSims says:

    Lol. This letter is my everyday narrative, unfortunately. But I hope he can truly tell her how he feels…even though I get the feeling that he mostly changed everything about himself to be with her, which isn’t that great.

    Liked by 1 person

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