1.11 Partihose

The next day, Laura called Charles early in the morning. She had good news for him; finally after having waited for more than a year, they both were recruited to the Partihaus club. Laura was thrilled. She screamed through the phone,

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he exclaimed, trying to sound genuinely excited even though he wasn’t. I am, only because you are.

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When he reached the nightclub that evening, there were five others standing with Laura. He had seen most of them at the parties before but he didn’t know any of their names. Frankly he hadn’t even bothered to ask because he simply didn’t care. Even today, he wasn’t eager to the get to know them, despite knowing that he’d be meeting them quiet often from now on. He was there, standing outside the nightclub, in his best party outfit only for her.

When Laura saw him walking towards them, she waved. She then began introducing everyone to Charles, “This is Jade, and this is Candy, and this is Marcus, this is Eva. And finally”, she moved towards the fifth member, standing too close to him, “this is Jacques, the leader of Partihaus”, she said giving Jacques a wide smile. Jacques went on to put his left arm around Laura’s waist and extended his other hand, as if asking for a handshake. “It’s Charles, right? Nice to meet you.”

Charles didn’t say a word. He stood there glaring at Jacques’ arm around his girlfriend’s waist. Get your hands off my girl, you son of –
“Charles!” Laura exclaimed grabbing his attention, “are you alright?”

He nodded listlessly and shook hands with Jacques, “pleased to meet you, too.”

Then one of them, whose name Charles couldn’t recall, asked, rather energetically,

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“Hell yeah!” the rest of them exclaimed and ran inside the nightclub. Laura and Jacques walked in together, Jacques’ arm still around her waist.

Charles was the last to enter. To be honest, he didn’t want to go in at all. He just wanted to go back home and cry in his mother’s arms. What was wrong with Laura? Why was she ignoring Charles, pretending like he did not exist? She’d done that before but that was when they didn’t know each other very well. This time it was different; this time, they were in a relationship, or were they not?

Suddenly he felt a pang of fear. Sure he’d told Laura how he felt, sure she’d reciprocated, but nothing between them was official. He hadn’t asked Laura to be his girlfriend or asked her out on a date. He didn’t feel it was necessary, thinking they were in a relationship. But it seemed as if Laura thought otherwise.

There she was, dancing with Jacques. Charles just wanted to go and punch him in the gut or better, throw his drink in his face like he’d done before with that big drunk guy. No one messes with me, he thought to himself as he began advancing towards Jacques. But then he slowed down, remembering where he’d ended up the last time he tried to take revenge.

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He can’t just touch any girl he wants just because he’s the leader of this god damned club! He’s not God, somebody needs to remind him that. He just needs to go get a life. Oh… stop sulking, Charles. Man up, go get your girl!

He finally walked over to them, and tapped on Laura’s shoulder, “can I talk to you for a minute?”
She nodded and they sat down at the bar.

“Isn’t this party just amazing? Aren’t you having fun?” Laura asked excitedly.

“How can I when my girlfriend is dancing with some other guy?” he said under his breath.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I said, how can I enjoy myself when my girlfriend is dancing with some other guy?” he yelled.

She smiled, “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re jealous!”

“I… I’m not jealous. I’m just-

But before he could finish, she bent forward and kissed his cheek. “Alright come on. Let’s go and dance boyfriend!” she said, pulling his hand and leading him towards the dance floor.

It was amazing how instantly she’d brightened up his mood. One kiss on the cheek was all it took for his heart to melt and his anger to disappear.

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