1.12 What’s up, Laura?

Being a member of Partihaus was a lot harder than Charles had anticipated. He had to juggle between managing his furniture business and organizing parties for the club- running around contacting the caterer and the mixologist, and the dj. On other days, he had to attend club gatherings at the Narwhal Arms Nightclub, and he couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to. It was hectic and not fun anymore. But he did it anyway. At least he got to spend time with Laura, and that’s all that mattered.

But lately things had started to fall apart between the two. As much as he tried ignoring this fact, he couldn’t help but wonder why everything seemed so strained and awkward. It had been almost two months now and they had never really gone out on a real date. All they did was organize parties, attend club gatherings and dance and drink.

He really missed the endless phone conversations they used to have. Surprising as it may seem, things were a lot better between them when they were just friends. Now that they were dating, they were neither lovers nor friends.

A few weeks later, Laura was promoted that meant she’d have extra work at a lot more responsibilities. She started missing most of the club gatherings and even stopped dropping by the store because she’d be dog-tired on weekdays after work. However, they didn’t stop going to the nightclub on the weekends. Charles tried his best to convince her to go out have dinner but she would refuse.

One Friday evening, Charles decided to trick her into thinking he was unwell so she’d drop by to check on him and then he’d take her out to a restaurant for dinner. But when he called her up, she almost instantly refused,

04-10-16_9-36-23 PM

He couldn’t believe what he heard. Laura was acting all weird and now it seemed as if she was trying to avoid him. He couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong. May be there’s something I said. But we rarely get a chance to speak! May be something I did!  He spent the rest of the night thinking, analyzing the conversations they’d had the past few days. There was nothing he could think of but he sure as hell wanted to know and he was going to talk to her about it soon…

11 thoughts on “1.12 What’s up, Laura?

  1. Virtualee says:

    Soooo that happened!! What is she playing at? OK on to the next chapter….I do hope she comes clean soon because I hate that he is so stressed out trying to make her happy and she is in lala land all the time!

    Liked by 1 person

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