1.15 Trying hard to forget

The next morning he woke up feeling woozy. He had a bad headache and felt oddly warm. He wanted to lie in bed all day but he had so much work to do. His business was dwindling and despite his efforts to keep the profits steady, the number of customers kept declining as the days passed. Charles had so many dreams he still had to achieve and for the first time in so many months, he felt like he was distracted and gone astray.

04-10-16_7-11-05 PM

He forced himself out of bed and walked downstairs. He looked around the store and felt strangely disappointed with the way it looked. There were almost twenty pieces of furniture unsold since three weeks and he felt awful about neglecting his store.

I need to get back on track, he thought. He went down to the basement and began working on the woodworking table, completing an unfinished wooden chair.


Laura hadn’t called once. It had already been a week since they had fought and he had received no phone calls, no text messages, no voice mails from her. It was as if Laura wanted this break up all along, as if she had meant for this to happen, which was why she never bothered calling. Charles was equally adamant. He wouldn’t look at her ever again. He was frustrated and mad at her and at himself for believing in this relationship. He felt like a fool for loving Laura. He invested his time, trying to impress her, trying to fit in her world, but she never noticed and even if she did, she didn’t acknowledge his efforts. And what did he get in return? Nothing.

When he told his parents about his break up they were shocked; especially his mother, “Why did you do this Charles? Laura was such a sweet girl!”

But he didn’t bother giving his parents any reasons. After that day, no one talked about her in the house again.

Charles began working on his store in full swing. He made a few changes, recruited two employees to run the store and a secretary to manage his finances so he’d get more time to craft furniture. Though his business was back on track, he didn’t feel particularly satisfied. His social life was pretty much nonexistent. Surprisingly enough, he missed the parties, the music, the drinks and the dancing but most importantly, he missed her. No matter how much he tried keeping himself busy- working late into the night crafting furniture, looking up ways to expand his business, organizing his finances- he always thought of Laura before going to bed.

Almost three months later on one particular Friday, at dinner, his parents decided to have a talk with their son.

you're not talking much

Charles looked up from his untouched plate. “I’m okay. The chicken’s really delicious mom.”

“Thanks honey” she replied giving him a warm smile,thanks honey... but...

is everything ok

how's your busniess going

“It’s nothing” he yelled at them. “I said I’m okay!” He pushed his plate, got up, knocking his chair down and stomped into his bedroom.

he stomped

The truth was he wasn’t okay at all. He longed to meet Laura and talk to her and even though he was mad at her, somewhere deep inside his heart, he felt bad for having yelled at her and wanted to apologize. He didn’t know how she’d reacted to their fight. Was she as depressed as he was? Or was she glad that they’d broken up like he’d speculated earlier? He wanted to know, and he would…



10 thoughts on “1.15 Trying hard to forget

  1. julyvee94 says:

    I felt like Laura deserved to be yelled at after how she treated Charles. But it seems like Charles is forgetting about that now 😦 I only ship them if Laura is willing to change, otherwise their relationship is doomed. Charles deserves better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Charles is a softie 😛 So there’s nothing we can do about him regretting his behavior! He’s currently self-loathing 😦
      I say, we let him do his thing, coz one day everything’ll be alright! (I’m so certain of this, because I’m benevolent & I’ll definitely better his miserable life very soon xD )


  2. O'jenn says:

    Aww poor Charles! Don’t beat yourself up over her, she needs to change for herself and not for him.

    Its a really tough thing to swallow when you are in a relationship. Making changes because you want to. And Charles really does need to get back on track. There are other girls out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Virtualee says:

      “…she needs to change for herself and not for him….” <- ❤ this message – EXACTLY I have a sneaky suspicion she will though? Either that or she will get kidnapped by aliens and we will never see her again 😦 LOL

      Liked by 2 people

    • RemïNarrow says:

      OMG 😂 I’m scratching my palms right now because I so badly wanna tell you guys what’s going to happen in the future between these two! But I’m going to stop my self from spilling the beans 😝

      “she needs to change for herself and not for him.” & “I have a sneaky suspicion she will though” <= Thumbs up to these statements 👍 These are sort of hints to what's going to come next (along with some extra salt & spice😏)

      Either way, O'jenn & Virtualee, you're both on the right track! I'm so happy to see you're enjoying this story so much, getting immersed into the lives of these characters & predicting what's going to happen ahead! ❤

      Oh & that reminds me, Virtualee it seems like you have some creppy infatuation with aliens & alien abductions 😂 I guess I'll have a sim from the next gen be abducted & then I'll dedicate that chapter to you! 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    I love that his mom is still wearing her apron at the dinner table, it really reminds me of my mom at family dinners.

    I’m hoping that he does apologize to Laura for yelling. It’s in his character to lash out when he feels hurt or threatened, but they need to talk things out rationally. It’s the quickest route to reconciliation…

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Hehe yes his mother loves her aprons 😀

      And yes they need to TALK! That’s something they haven’t done ever since they got together. All they’ve been doing is ‘assuming’ what the other person wants and behaving according to their assumptions. All this wouldn’t have happened on the first place, had Charles told her how he felt about partying on the very first day she invited him to one. But he wanted to impress her, make her happy by trying to be like her and look where it got them! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ARoseInBloomSims says:

    It’s funny how the mind changes what happened long after things end. Oh, Charles–she didn’t respect you enough to be honest with you. AND you didn’t respect yourself enough to tell her that you didn’t like the same things she did.

    Liked by 1 person

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