1.18 Wedding Preparations

The following day onward, the two got back to their routine lives. Though things were back to the way they used to be, everything felt a lot better. Firstly Laura was back in Charles’ life as a loving and loyal girlfriend; Charles was finally getting the attention, the long phone conversations and the dates he longed for; but the best of them all was the ring on his finger which he used to admire every day on waking up and before going to bed.

Three weeks had rolled by, yet Charles couldn’t believe that he was engaged! He felt like he was living a dream and that he’d wake up and everything would go back to being hellish. But soon this fact sunk in as he and Laura began the wedding preparations.

They started off by looking for houses on sale.

started off

Charles wanted to move to Willow Creek because he loved the serene and relaxed feel of that town. He wanted to buy a plot of land and build a beautiful family home all by himself!  Laura on the other hand wanted to stay in Windenburg.

“This town is so happening Charles! There are no nightclubs in Willow Creek! That town is for the old and retired!” she complained as Charles was busy looking up plots on sale on simrealty.com


he exclaimed, clicking the mouse excitedly, “Look at this one. Stunning Creek side Property,” he began reading,

stunning property...

He continued reading the description silently and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh Laura look, it’s only for $10,000! This is perfect!”

Laura bent down to see what her possible home would look like.

willow creek map

click to enlarge ‘Willow Creek Map’



...and a stream

yeah it's pretty

we could at least
But Charles wasn’t going to change his mind. Laura finally gave up and the two decided to fix an appointment with the estate agent. They reached the estate agent’s office by four that afternoon with hopes of getting their piece of land that very day. But all their dreams were shattered when the estate agent informed them of a hike in the price of the plot.

Charles’ face went solemn on hearing the disappointing news, while Laura felt a gush of excitement as she thought to herself, we can finally buy the house I saw the other day in Windenburg and we’ll get it for half the price!
But when she turned to look at Charles, she felt oddly awful for having thought that way.

she felt awful

She realized she was being selfish; she had been selfish all this while, thinking only about herself and her needs and hurting Charles in the process. But she had promised him that she’d try and be the perfect wife and that only meant sacrificing her dreams. She convinced herself that she would do it; she would pretend to be happy with his decision of living in Willow Creek; she would pretend to be the perfect wife, supporting her husband’s decisions; she would pretend to be someone else just for him…

we'll buy it

Laura declared, breaking the silence that had followed the dismal information.

Charles looked at her in bafflement, “Laura but it’s too expensive. We can’t afford a plot of land that’s $20,000! We’ll have to save some for the construction of the house!”

yes we can
Laura’s determination and confidence brought a smile to his face.

brought a smile to his face

For the first time, he felt like Laura actually cared for him. A sense of confidence filled him as he thought to himself, with her at my side, nothing can ever go wrong. We make such a great team, Laura and I. I can’t imagine doing this without her support. He smiled faintly to himself so no one would notice and made himself a promise that he would never let anything in the world tear them both apart…

15 thoughts on “1.18 Wedding Preparations

  1. charliimai says:

    I just don’t see this relationship working out. They never seem to be honest with each other first Charles was pretending to be someone else now Laura is. I really hope i’m wrong and things will get better. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. O'jenn says:

    Hmmm…communication is definitely key in any relationship, it helps create and strengthen the ties. I don’t think Laura realizes that even if she makes Charles happy she also deserves to be happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Virtualee says:

      I agree on so many levels here – it can’t all be one sided. Yet again the extremist in Laura comes out with confetti and blow horns its all or nothing with this one! It will be a major bumpy ride for her if she doesn’t at least try to have the relationship meet in the middle somewhere…While Middleville dounds like a ton of work it would be for the benefit of all involved…PS can’t wait to see them in a house where ever it is 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. CitizenErased14 says:

    Nooooooo no more pretending! Gah! They need to slow down and talk things out and stop trying to be someone else just because they think it’s what the other person wants.

    I want to slap both of them. XD Everyone who reads my story is always talking about #TeamSlapMari. Well I am starting #TeamSlapCharlesAndLaura 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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