1.19 Working Our Butts Off

As promised, Laura and Charles began working extra hard to collect as much money as they could to build their dream home. A week after their visit to the estate agent, Laura moved into Charles’ studio apartment. He was more than happy to have her live with him- after all they were engaged and soon to be married. But Charles couldn’t wait any longer. February 14th was the date they’d fixed for the wedding but he did not want to wait for six whole months. He only wished he had some sort of a magic wand that he could wiggle in the air & have his family home ready, so that way they could get married immediately. But looking at Laura working her butt off, he decided to get back to reality & work hard, himself.

05-14-16_12-16-39 PM

Despite their efforts to raise their funds, the money kept flowing out like running water. Yet, they kept working and slogging day in and day out. Laura earned enough to meet the everyday needs and half of whatever Charles made by selling furniture was used to buy wood and other supplies for crafting new furniture. The other half was used to pay off the loan he’d taken to build the store. Laura decided to work overtime and make extra cash. They even sacked the employees and Charles’ secretary to save the money they would’ve otherwise paid them. Around three weeks later, they acquired their plot of land and Charles began constructing the house right away.

He finally felt at ease, as he could see his dream turning into reality. And he felt even better with Laura at his side. Laura, who was his pillar of strength, who gave him the confidence to believe in himself, to believe that he could achieve those goals he’d thought were otherwise impossible to attain. She was like sunshine that brightened his life and filled him with joy and exuberance and he couldn’t imagine living without her.

Laura did everything she could to make Charles happy. That was her goal in life. She wanted to bring a smile on his face even if it meant shedding tears in return. She was determined to give him back the happiness that he’d given her. On his 23rd birthday, she surprised him by baking him a cake. It was half burnt and half raw but he ate it with a smile, because he was touched by her gesture.

He ate it

She had finally started learning how to be an ideal wife; she learnt cooking from Charles’ mother, bought groceries while returning from work, and began reading ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’.

“There’s no need for you to do these stereotypical jobs, Laura,” he often told her when he found her struggling to keep the tears away while chopping onions.

But she insisted saying, “I’m going to be the best wife ever and make them all jealous.”

He only laughed at her folly. Who were these ‘all’ she kept referring to, he used to think, but never bothered asking.

Sometimes, Laura enjoyed being the perfect wife, the other times, she simply hated her life.

hated her life

She missed going to the nightclub and drinking and chatting with her friends. It had been two whole months and all she had been doing was cooking and doing the dishes. Of course she couldn’t complain, she was the one who’d proudly declared that she’d try to be a family girl. But now, it seemed as if she regreted her decision. Quite often Laura overestimated her capacities and this was one of those times. She didn’t know how to tell Charles the truth about how she felt being cooped up all day in the house, she had already hurt him enough in the past and there was no way she would do the same this time.

But Charles knew exactly how she felt; he had been working just as hard as her for the past two months. Neither of them had had time for themselves to relax and enjoy a little. So Charles decided to surprise her by taking her to the Narwhal Arms Nightclub. She was amazed when she realized where they were.

going to buy groceries

she exclaimed.

“Oh we have plenty of them back at home,” Charles said, smiling warmly. “I wanted to surprise you. You’ve been working your butt off at home and I know how much you hate it.”

But I love cooking and

“Laura stop” he interrupted, placing his hands over her shoulders,

let's promise each other


Laura simply nodded in response and gazed at the nightclub with a sparkle in her eyes…


12 thoughts on “1.19 Working Our Butts Off

    • RemïNarrow says:

      😂😂😂😂 I don’t wish to say much… just that I love your reaction to the stupidity of these two love birds! It’s so entertaining, you have no idea! I’m sitting here with a bowl of popcorn reading your comments and being like, LOL theplumbob, she’s so cute! HAHA 😆😆😆

      Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yes she’s just really trying to make Charles happy by giving up her own identity and trying to be someone she’s not. I hope she realizes what she’s doing isn’t going help whatsoever…


  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Aww, I liked how this part ended. It’s really a relief to see the couple making an effort to meet in the middle. Laura’s putting in so much effort to fit into Charles’ lifestyle, and it was sweet of him to take her for a night out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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