1.20 Done Pretending…

It was Christmas and Charles couldn’t contain his excitement. Sure, he was excited to meet his cousins but he was all the more excited for his cousins to meet Laura. He explained how his family celebrated Christmas to Laura and she was equally excited.

“This is going to be my first real Christmas in fifteen years! I’ll get to decorate the Christmas tree and eat Christmas cookies and oh! I’ll get gifts from Santa! It’s so exciting!” She exclaimed and giggled. Charles smiled on seeing Laura become a little kid, skipping around the apartment.

They decided to spend the night at his parents’ house. His cousins arrived the next day- twelve cousins to be precise, two aunts, two uncles and three brothers and a sister along with her husband and three children.

12 cousins

Wow was Laura’s first reaction.


She was surprisingly intimidated by them, not because they were strangers, she was in fact good at introducing herself to strangers and turning them into friends almost instantly, but these 12 strangers in particular gave her the creeps because she had to do more than introduce herself, she had to impress them, and that was the scariest part.

Laura got along well with his aunts, Aunt Maggie and Aunt Molly.

getting along with the aunts

Charles’ three brothers, Max, Lance and Skip were all in high school, they barely looked at her and spent most of the time playing video games on Charles’ computer.

played video games

Uncle Freddie, Uncle Joe and Charles’ brother-in-law Peter kept themselves busy by playing cards with his dad.

watching game of cards

His sister Cathy was busy feeding her four months old baby boy Toby while her two other kids, six year old Jolene and eight year old Mike kept running around, knocking things down as they glided throughout the house carelessly. Laura found herself stuck in a madhouse, in a mess she never thought she’d be in. This wasn’t Christmas the way Charles had described it would be.

She looked at Cathy with pity as she struggled to keep her baby from crying and yelled at her other kids to stop acting like hooligans.

Looked at Cathy in pity

And then, Laura shook her head in regret. She couldn’t picture herself in Cathy’s place. Was she really going to become a mother struggling to juggle between meeting her own needs and those of her children?  Was this really what she wanted from life?

Was she really going to be a mother...

That’s it. I’m done pretending. 

She walked over to Charles who was busy watching the cards game.

can I talk to you... alone

She hissed in his ears, so no one would hear her.

He turned around and nodded. They walked outside the house and sat on a bench. Laura cleared her throat and began, “Remember you told me the other day, that we were going to be honest to each other, no matter what?

I can't do this

I know I said I'll try

That's not who I am

That's not what I aspire to do

Charles let the words flow into his ears but he couldn’t register the meaning. Were they breaking up again? They couldn’t! Not this time, when they were already engaged and everything was official and they’d decided on when to get married and where to build their house and which color to paint their walls with. This is only a bad dream, he kept reminding himself…

18 thoughts on “1.20 Done Pretending…

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Oh, Charles and Laura. I had a feeling this was bound to happen eventually. I hope they can work through it. 😦

    Saying that though, I love your screenshots! It must have been really difficult to get all of Charles’ family in one frame like that, and then for their separate group shots later when Laura was getting to know his family.

    Hoping for the best for all of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yes I hope for the best, too 😡 And I hope they realize their mistake soon!

      Oh! and I’m so glad you liked the screenshots! It was definitely exhausting but I had fun! Thanks for the compliment! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theplumbob says:

    Laura’s makeup was very pretty in this chapter.

    Now that I’ve said something positive… It made me laugh when Laura said she’s not the marrying kind because she doesn’t want to do dishes and laundry on a regular basis – surely that’s something she’ll have to do regardless of being married or not (I’ll just pretend I myself don’t have a pile of dirty plates in my kitchen haha!).

    The kid part… It astounds me how lightly she goes about that. From I definitely don’t want a family to let’s get married and have a family to nope, let’s not do any of that, my bad. Girl needs to fogure things out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Lol your comments are so frank and straightforward… I totally appreciate your honesty! 👍

      The make up was a part of the styled looks so I won’t take the credit for that hehe 😁

      By dishes and laundry, Laura meant the very stereotypical duties of a woman, including cooking and taking care of the kids, you know feeding them, etc. Considering she’s a party animal, these things upset her, which is why she was complaining. And yes she will have to do it regardless of being married, but since she used to live with four other girls, it was they who did all the work, while she only goofed off. Now that she moved in with Charles, she had to do everything, from cooking to the dishes. Sure, Charles helped her, yet this change in her lifestyle was very stressful and she only reacted.

      Now…. I do agree; her reaction was definitely shocking. She’d taken an impulsive decision once before, when she asked Charles to marry her, and she’s being impulsive yet again.

      *whispers in ear* You’ll know why she’s acting this way very soon! 😉

      Thanks for reading and keep giving me your honest feedback! 😃


  3. Virtualee says:

    I almost missed this one – for SHAME! I have to say love the Christmas vibe on this update – the sweaters the colors all so Happy and Cherry and then…The Grinch stole Christmas 😦 – I wonder what compromise they come up with!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. pollyannasims says:

    No! Laura! You need to stop being so reactive! But Charles will be better for it in the long run I think. I worry for Laura though- I think she is scared and confused. She’s only seeing the bad side that comes with having a big family.

    I loved the look of this chapter- the colours and action really made it feel like a family Xmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    I can’t believe this post has existed for a whole week without me knowing! Thank goodness I found your forum thread.

    Now, what are we to do with this couple? They are crazy pants. And she’s probably freaking out because she’s pregnant.

    I just had a happy thought, the next post is already up, so I’ll find out right now what the deal is!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. CitizenErased14 says:

    Okay, so I’m glad there was finally a hint of some HONESTY on Laura’s part. But my goodness, my #TeamSlapLaura feelings are growing intensely hahaha. She keeps flip-flopping all over the place. She needs to take a step back and calm down! I’m glad she was open with Charles. Maybe she can take some time to reevaluate and calm down a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. O'jenn says:

    I can feel the relieve coming from Laura at letting that out but I can see the heartbreak coming from Charles. The poor guy.

    As a typical housewife (well fiance for now) it pains me to see Laura so confused by what she “thinks” is expected of her. I am anxious to see how Charles handles all this. He really needs a hug.


  8. ARoseInBloomSims says:

    No, dude…you wanted to marry a woman who doesn’t want to be married!! Also…there’s no need to feel all tied down by what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing. Just do what feels right…stop getting all upset. Grumble

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      He’s just sad because she promised she’ll get married to him; but he doesn’t realize that she’s only “pretending”, isn’t that something Charles had been doing for the past few months?!
      Their love story is such a hot mess! 😆😜


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