1.23 Forgive and Forget

Charles waited outside Laura’s house in anticipation.

this is a bad idea

He knew this was a bad idea. Sitting down on a park bench he’d thought hard, arguing with himself whether to call her up or talk to her in person.

What if she slams the door in my face again? He’d thought uneasily. But his mother’s words echoed in the back of his mind, youre not a quitter, Charles! Dont lose hope, dont give up.

And so he didn’t.

After over an hour, he finally made up his mind and walked up to her door and knocked. Breathing in he thought, here we go

It was Laura who opened the door, dressed in a beanie, gloves and ugg boots. She seemed surprised to see him, opening her mouth as if to say something, but instead smiled warmly.

it was Laura who opened the door

However, it was Charles who spoke first, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Hey” he said waving awkwardly. “I was just passing by; I thought I’d stop to check how you were doing.”

“I’m okay. I was actually going to visit your place, to… you know, to check how you were doing” she chuckled.

“Well these three weeks have been crazy for me. I haven’t been that well.”

you do look pretty tired... you look exhausted yourself (2)

“Oh! You looked exhausted, yourself.” replied Charles, smiling sheepishly.

“Well, I guess that’s because I couldn’t sleep, you know, because…” Laura stopped, abruptly and asked, “Oh why don’t you come in?”

Charles moved forward then hesitated, “I guess we should head out for a walk. The weather’s surprisingly pleasant today.”

Laura nodded and the two began walking along the cobblestone path.

“So, I was saying…” Laura continued,

05-14-16_7-58-59 PM

05-14-16_8-02-02 PM

I want to apologize

you're not the only one...

… I should’ve been myself all this while. I should’ve told you how I felt about parties right after the very first party you invited me to. I shouldn’t have expected you to be like me or to share my dreams. But I wasn’t thinking right, I guess. I don’t know what I was thinking at all.”

and idk what I was thinking...

… But it was only for you, you’re the only reason I did these things I hate.”

“I’m sorry Laura. I should’ve never asked you to do anything you hate! Frankly, I don’t want you be Mrs. Laura McDougal. I want you be Laura Croft, the officer who captivated my heart. I want you to be the tough gal who arrests the bad guys and saves the day. I want you to be you… Will you do that? Not for me of course, but for yourself?”

I will charles... for me...

A wide smile spread across Charles’ face and he pulled Laura into an embrace, whispering in her ears,

idk what i'd do widout u

Laura pulled away and asked with a concerned look,

does dat mean we're getting married

not unless you're ready...

“Then we won’t get married! I’ll wait”, he replied smiling.

wat i've i'm never ready

then i'll wait

Laura felt her cheeks get warmer. She’d never felt so special before.

i won't keep you waiting

Charles nodded then went on to say, “You know let’s not worry about that. I mean, we have the rest of our lives to sort these things out. Why don’t we take a break for now, and enjoy ourselves while we can? We could do something fun, take a little risk, be a little adventurous!

i think we should go camping

Laura was surprised. She’d never expected Charles to be the one suggesting fun activities. “I didn’t know you could think of having fun. I thought you were all about planning the future and working hard to achieve your goals.”

A chuckle escaped his lips, “Well you know they say true lovers are the ones who bring out the best in each other. You are my true love Laura. You are the one who showed me how to have fun and how to live for the moment!”

“Well I’m flattered!” she smiled, blushing like a school girl. “So when are we leaving for Granite Falls?” she asked excitedly.

“How about this weekend?”

Laura smiled and nodded in agreement.



They spent the rest of the day together. Time seemed to slip away and the sun had set before long. Yet neither of them wished to leave and go their own ways.

They were sitting on a park bench, chatting the entire evening. It was Charles who finally said, “It’s getting dark, I guess we should head home now.”

Laura stood up with a jerk. “I guess not” she said playfully and crouched to gather some snow in her hands. Making a snow ball, she exclaimed,

kicked in the ass

Charles stood up the instant he realized what was going to follow, “Laura no way! Stop!”

uh uh uh

but I'm unarmed

Charles said, covering his face in defense.

here you go

The snowball bolted towards him and hit his left shoulder. “Ouch!” he cried out and sat down on the snow pretending to writhe in pain. “That hurt!”, he wailed, rubbing his shoulder.

Laura ran towards him, afraid she’d gone too far. But she was taken by surprise, when Charles pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

“You scared me!” she yelled, pulling her face away.

Charles only chuckled and the two embraced before saying their goodbyes…



10 thoughts on “1.23 Forgive and Forget

  1. CitizenErased14 says:

    I like that the two of them finally spoke a little sense! That was good to read! (Though I’m still not onboard this ship. But I will hope for the day I get pulled back in XD Or else wait for a Gen 2 relationship to ship :P)

    But yay for #BabySteps !

    Oh, and beautiful screenshots again! I know I say that a lot, but they really are ^_^


  2. NoaLyn says:

    I love the lovestory between these two 🙂 I’m totally excited how this will continue, since this is a legacy I don’t think Charles will abandon his wish to have a family ;P But will Laura finally develop that wish on her own or will they have another, final breakup… Woo can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yess! You’re absolutely right! Charles is a family oriented guy, so he’ll NEVER abandon that wish! Oh hell no!😂

      We know Charles considers Laura to be “the one”. We know he loves her with every beat of his heart and that he’d do anything for her! Now, we have to see if Laura would do the same for him; if she would “willingly” do something for him and not just “pretend”.
      And the day, she’ll decide she wants to marry him, will be the day we’ll know for certain, that her love for Charles is just as real and just as pure as his love is for her! 😍

      Thank you so so much for reading! I’m so glad to know that you’re enjoying this story so much! 😄


  3. pollyannasims says:

    I am still not completely on board. I can understand Charles being able to put off marriage but what about kids? As cute as their kids will be- if Laura doesn’t want them, then she shouldn’t have them. And it’s not fair to think that one day Laura will wake up and magically want kids. She’s never sad “I don’t want kids right now”; it’s always been “I don’t want kids.”

    As much as I love both these characters- I still think there is someone else for them.

    But then they are so cute having a snowball fight!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ARoseInBloomSims says:

    It still sounds like he’s expecting to eventually want to get married even though she said it’s not her thing. I don’t get these two at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      😝 He’s really optimistic, you see! He knows she’ll eventually want to settle down and tie the knot. Besides, his mother’s pep talk has proven to have a serious impact on him. You see how he’s saying so confidently, “I won’t lose hope and give up so easily…”
      He knows he’s got this! 😎

      Thanks for reading, by the way! I thoroughly enjoyed your comments and can’t wait to see what you have to say about the rest of the story!


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