1.29 Parties and Pregnancy Tests

By seven that night, Laura and her friends gathered around a new nightclub in Willow Creek to celebrate her promotion.

by seven her friends gathered

Laura had wanted to throw the party at their usual nightclub in Windenburg, but since it was a three hour drive from Magnolia Promenade, Charles suggested they try this new nightclub for a change. And Laura was surprised to learn that such a cool and hip looking place could actually exist in boring Willow Creek!

new nightclub

The Partihaus club including Marcus, Jade, Candy, Yuki and the leader Paolo had accepted Laura’s invitation only because they wanted a reason to party. How typical of them! Unfortunately the sixth member (and Laura’s bff) Eva couldn’t make it for she had some personal emergencies. Then there were Laura’s colleagues, Melanie and Carl who seemed genuinely happy for her achievement and showed their love by giving her a tight hug and wishing her a hearty congratulations.

After all the formalities were done, everyone entered into the nightclub; the Partihaus being the first to enter. Again, how typical!

Laura and the ladies walked up to the bar and ordered the discounted drinks, while the boys made a dash for the dance floor. Marcus taught Carl and Charles some new dance moves. And as much as Charles wished to spend some time alone with Laura, he was starting to enjoy his time on the dance floor. Oh how he’d missed these crazy parties!

how he'd missed these crazy parties

The beats and the rhythm made his feet tap and before long, Charles unleashed the dancer in him, showing off all he’d learned a couple of minutes ago.

unleashed the dancer in him

At the bar, the ladies were enjoying their drinks, gossiping and checking out hot guys.

girls gossiped

Some time later, they joined the boys on the dance floor. Finally, Charles had the chance to dance with Laura and he cherished every moment.

they joined the boys on the dancefloor

He cracked some silly jokes and Laura laughed

he cracked silly jokes and Laura laughed

and then she sprinted to the bathroom for she had the urge to puke.

and then she sprinted to the bathroom

This was the second in three times that she’d puked that night. The first was when she had returned home from work. The third time was after they’d had dinner.

dinner 1

Laura was on her fourth drink and Charles tried his best to persuade her to stop, but in vain.

on her fourth drink

tried to stop her but in vain

Then, she finally got up and rushed to the bathroom while Charles shook his head and smiled at her friends awkwardly.

06-11-16_8-13-54 PM

smiled awkwardly


06-11-16_9-00-24 PM

06-10-16_5-01-21 PM

Laura exhaled weakly and sat up on the toilet seat.

06-11-16_9-02-14 PM

This was the fifth time in seven days that she had vomited after eating something. Laura grew anxious as she wondered if Charles was right about her being pregnant. She tried hard to remember when she had her last period.

She was on her periods a week before Christmas… so December check. January? Laura thought hard. Yes of course, she was on her periods when Charles and she had broken up and she was drowning herself in alcohol to escape her misery. So January check. Then what about February? And March? They were already in the second week of April… Oh my God

She stared at the bathroom floor for a long time, making sense of what she had just discovered and thinking hard about what she would do next.

No, I can’t be pregnant, she thought aloud. I know I’ve missed my periods because I’ve been so stressed out at work and everybody has been giving me a hard time. This certainly has nothing to do with being pregnant. I can’t be pregnant! Can I?

Laura shut her eyes and tried to focus. But her head ached too much to let her think anymore and she was certain she would faint. She remembered she had carried a little bottle of water in her purse and so she unzipped it and put her hand in to get the bottle, when she felt something hard and plasticky in one corner. The moment she pulled it out, her jaw dropped in shock and she stared at it with wide eyes.

Who the hell put this pregnancy test in my purse? she wondered, her heart pounding faster and faster. But wasn’t this exactly what she needed to prove to Charles that she wasn’t pregnant? That the reason she hadn’t had her periods was stress and nothing else? She was certain the pregnancy test would be negative and so with confidence she took it.

And when she did, it showed two red lines.

06-10-16_4-37-30 PM

She stared at her reflection in the mirror, her face had gone pale and she was unable to breath while her hands and feet went weak and before she realized, she had collapsed on the bathroom floor…


17 thoughts on “1.29 Parties and Pregnancy Tests

  1. EddieSims says:

    Oh boy! I know Charles will be thrilled but I’m anxious to see her reaction to this news.This is obviously not what she wanted but it’s too late for backsies so she’s gonna have to suck it up and accept it. I hope this pregnancy will be the catalyst for some real honest conversations between her and Charles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      I know they still haven’t had a real good conversation for so long. I guess the last time they spoke their heart out to each other was back in January when Charles knocked on her door and apologized for starting the “pretend game”. Ever since then, they haven’t really spoken. And Charles did start a conversation with Laura about having kids, but she totally blew him off 😦

      I hope this time, they sit down and talk, as mature adults!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. O'jenn says:

    Darn blonde men and their good looks! I blame Charles!

    But no seriously I hope Laura can’t be okay with this. I think she will once she sees the life that she will bring into the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Haha Charles IS a hottie isn’t he?! And what do you blame Charles for? 😝😂😂 (Oh how I’ve missed your hilarious comments!)

      I know! The baby would probably make her realize how wrong she is in thinking that she’ll suck as a parent!

      Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yes I feel very sad for her, too! But I’m inclined towards Charles a wee bit more! (I really don’t know why😂) I always wonder how he’ll react when he finds out? Next chapter is full of drama! You’ll definitely enjoy 😉


  3. CitizenErased14 says:

    Oh lord. This will not end well (or maybe it will? but I’m not getting my hopes up XD). And smooth move there Charles with that pregnancy test LMAO. I’m interested to see how Charles reacts to this, and how Laura handles it too! This should be entertaining 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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