1.30 Charles, I’m…

06-11-16_9-10-54 PM

thought Charles as he stared down at his watch. More than an hour had passed and Laura hadn’t returned from the washroom. Charles was beginning to get worried and he finally decided to go check for himself. He excused himself and walked up the stairs to the ladies’ washroom, knocking on door frantically.

06-11-16_9-17-35 PM

His heart began pounding faster as fear engulfed him. Somewhere deep down, he knew something was not right and that only made him feel sick in the gut.

06-11-16_9-15-33 PM

Finally after fifteen minutes, though what seemed like an eternity, Laura walked outside, breathing weakly.

06-11-16_9-23-20 PM

But without a word, she handed him what felt like a little plastic stick and walked away. Charles looked at her in confusion then looked down at the stick that she’d handed him. He was surprised to see that it was the pregnancy test he had quietly slid into her purse that evening while she was busy putting on makeup in the bathroom. His lips curved into a smile as he realized the test was positive and that meant Laura was indeed carrying his baby. Their baby.

Charles was thrilled and he giggled a little when he realized he would soon be a father. But his smile disappeared the moment he remembered the look on Laura’s face when she had handed him the pregnancy test. She hadn’t looked half as happy as Charles was. She hadn’t spoken a word to him, not even shared the big news. He decided to go ask her himself.

He ran towards the stairs, his anxiety brimming to the surface. But when he looked down from the balcony, he couldn’t find her sitting at the table among her friends.

06-11-16_9-33-36 PM

So Charles walked down the stairs

06-11-16_9-39-16 PM

then scanned the entire nightclub until he spotted her at the bar.

06-11-16_9-41-58 PM

He dashed towards her through the horde of clubbers. When he finally reached her, he asked waving the pregnancy test in her face,

what does this mean

Of course Charles knew the truth, but he wished to hear her say the words. Laura looked up, giving him an uninterested look, “I’m pregnant” she said plainly.

On hearing the news his lips curved into a wide smile again, and as he was about to exclaim how overjoyed her was he noticed the drink in her hand. His eyebrows burrowed with worry. “Stop drinking that!” he cried out, snatching the glass from her hands.

Laura glared at him angrily, “Why? Give it back.” She tried reaching for the glass, but Charles pushed her hand away.

He yelled in her face, his voice growing louder, “You know this is not good for our baby.”


Charles looked at her in disbelief. “That’s our baby you’re talking about! And what do you mean it’s not going to be-‘”

I'm going to terminate the pregnancy

she cut him, declaring her decision with determination.

What the hell did she just say? Charles’ jaw dropped in shock and he was utterly speechless. How could Laura even think such a thing? His ears grew warmer and he clenched his fists in anger.

no you're not

he yelled, his voice growing even louder.

who are you to decide for me

Laura screamed, her voice equally loud.

I won't unless you promise me

…How could you even-” But he stopped the moment he saw Laura stand up, and turn around as if to leave.

he stopped the moment he saw Laura stand up

Charles couldn’t take it anymore. He’d tried his best to keep his anger in control but seeing Laura walk away without considering his opinions in this matter only made his anger reach its peak and he soon acted out by grabbing her forearm and pulling her back.

you can't just walk away

his grip grew tighter with every word he said.

Laura squirmed in pain,

Charles let go of my hand

you're hurting me

no! you're hurting me

cried Charles as his eyes widened with rage.

By now, everyone had gathered around them and were staring at the two.

everyone had gathered around them

Soon Laura’s friends ran over to see what the commotion was all about. Marcus walked closer to Charles and tapped on his shoulder, then said,

let go of her, dude. You're hurting her

Tears rolled down Laura’s eyes as she writhe in pain. Finally Charles returned to his senses on seeing her tear stained eyes and he let go of her arm.

Charles looked around realizing what an ass he had made of himself. He looked down at Laura’s arm and noticed red finger marks that looked like bruises. He felt a pang of guilt and for the rest of the night he was unable to look her in the eye…

06-12-16_4-07-05 PM

11 thoughts on “1.30 Charles, I’m…

  1. pollyannasims says:

    Ok – that the nail in the coffin for me and I am so off the Charles team. You NEVER hurt anyone. Run Laura – run for the hills.

    If you tell a man that he’s hurting you and he doesn’t stop you leave. And I don’t care how angry he is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EddieSims says:

    As much as I want Charles and Laura to work out, they’re both so different and want different things and it seems like neither one of them is getting what they truly want out of the relationship. I don’t think Charles’ intention was to hurt Laura. He probably didn’t realise what he was doing (not that I’m making excuses cause hurting someone is obviously wrong!) but I think she really hurt him by saying she would terminate the pregnancy, and in such a callous way to boot, so I think on a subconscious level he wanted her to feel what he was feeling – pain. But he should have expected that kind of reaction from her anyway. She made it clear all along that she did not want children and she has every right to want to terminate the pregnancy but at the same time there should have been a proper conversation where both parties could express their feelings and concerns before the decision is made. Sigh….these two!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Wow you nailed it with your comment! 👌 Got the whole plot on point! 😍 I agree with every word you’ve written.

      He subconsciously wanted her to feel the pain was the best interpretation, because I’d never thought about it that way! 😱 Amazing👍

      Hmm… why don’t they ever learn from their mistake of avoiding a conversation and jumping to conclusions!
      *sigh* 😢

      Liked by 1 person

  3. O'jenn says:


    I really need for Charles to step away from the confused and beautiful woman that is carrying his baby. When a woman considers the life that is growing inside her body to be nothing more than a ‘thing’ then Houston we have a HUGE problem.

    At some point, I had hope that these two would work out but they both want very different things out of life and that’s not healthy for either of them. I was on the Charles furry train when I saw her put a friggin alcoholic drink up to her lips. I was livid so I can only imagine how Charles must have felt.

    They need to cut ties, now. Because even with a baby in the picture some things will not change like how Laura feels and how Charles feels. I could see them having one kid but knowing Charles he wants more than just one and I don’t blame him. Family is a everything but I think he deserves a family with someone who also wants a family.


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