Interlude (Part 1): Murderer

The next morning, Laura woke up as early as possible and got dressed to go back to the hospital for an abortion. But on her way out of the store, she was stopped by Charles who dashed towards her from behind the counter and asked where she was going.

asked where she was going

As she was about to reply, a customer interrupted them.


Charles turned around but rather than attending the customer, he yelled, “I’ll be there in a minute!” Then turning back, he looked at her intently as if waiting for an answer and when she told him where she was headed, he pleaded her to have a talk with him and to listen to what he had to say. Laura rolled her eyes initially, but later agreed realizing that was a wiser thing to do instead of arguing and wasting her own time.

So Laura nodded and the two walked up the stairs to their studio apartment. As Laura sat down, Charles pulled up a chair next to hers and began, “I’m not going to take too much of your time, I promise. I only want you to acknowledge my thoughts on this decision that you’re about to take.” He took a short pause then continued, “So, I know for you, all of this is a big mistake. Being pregnant is a mistake. This baby is a mistake… And all this started because of what we did that night at Granite Falls….

was that a mistake too

Charles stopped as if waiting for an answer.

This annoyed Laura and she said quite arrogantly,

don't beat around the bush, Charles

“Well in my opinion, it was never a mistake. How could it be? We were madly in love and when two people are madly in love, they make love. So is being in love, a mistake? Is making love, a mistake? If not, then how can you call this baby, a mistake? If this baby is a result of our love, it’s definitely not a mistake. It’s in fact a symbol of our love. In killing this baby, you’ll be putting an end to our love. Is that what you really want?”

What is he trying to prove? Laura simply shrugged and continued to give him an indifferent look.

Then Charles exhaled and continued,

now, let's not be selfish and think only about ourselves

…Let’s think about this baby for once. Have you ever wondered what’s growing inside of you is changing every day, in so many ways. That the thing you keep referring to will soon grow to look like you and me. It’ll grow two eyes, two ears, a little nose and tiny lips, and then it’ll grow little hands and feet and really tiny fingers and toes and then a little heart will beat inside of it, a heart just like yours and mine. And then, you’ll realize this ‘thing‘ is in fact a living soul; innocent and pure. Would you want to kill it even then? Knowing that it has done nothing to deserve death. Would you kill it even before it gets a chance to live? Who gives you the authority to take away it’s right to live?”

Laura was starting to feel guilty as she registered the meaning of his words and of all the questions he was asking her. She blinked constantly to avoid meeting his gaze.

a slight twitch in her face

She could tell his words were having an eerie effect on her; his words were making her reconsider her decision and she dreaded to hear any further.

But without wasting a minute Charles continued, “This child may be growing in your body, Laura, but that gives you no right to decide wheth
er it should live or die. You cannot be so selfish; thinking only about yourself. You cannot be so cold-hearted. You cannot be an inhuman murderer.”

Laura gasped at the word ‘murderer’ and for a moment, she froze in her seat on hearing this accusation. But she soon realized what Charles was doing, remembering Cathy’s words, “He could do anything for family. And when it comes down to starting his own, he can get pretty emotional and even manipulative.”  

she looked away breathing franctically

Yes, he was clearly manipulating her; trying to change her mind by targeting her emotions with his “talk”. Laura decided to keep a neutral look on her face, so she could deceive him and then he’d eventually give up, realizing that his words were having no effect on her.

But instead, he gave her a warm, but confident smile and went on to say,

but i'll tell you what you can be..

…You- We can raise this child together; give it all the happiness in the world! We can give it a wonderful life it undoubtedly deserves.” Then, his tone softened and he said encouragingly, “Let go of your fear, Laura. If you think you’ll be a horrible parent, then let go of that thought immediately. Take this risk, for you’ll never know what wonders you can do unless you try.”

He might even force you to do something against your will. But don’t get carried away by him. If there’s something you don’t want, be clear and stick with your decision until the end.” Laura nodded to herself remembering these words of Cathy and continued to look at Charles with stern eyes.

she continued to look at him indifferently

A long awkward silence ensued. Laura, who occasionally looked over at Charles, could see his confident smile slowly fading away. She then grinned at herself, realizing she had been successful in resisting his “emotional speech”.

The silence, however, was broken by Charles who now spoke in mere whispers,

Laura I have nothing more to say to you

…But I do believe in you and I know for certain that you won’t make the mistake of killing this child, our child. And that if you decide that terminating the pregnancy is the right thing to do, don’t forget that you won’t be able to look yourself in the eye ever again, because you’ll never be able to forgive yourself for the heinous crime that you would’ve done.”

I know what I’m doing Charles. I know what’s right for me. Just let me be! Laura so desperately wanted to yell these words at his face but decided the right thing to do was to give him the silent treatment. She then stood up, looking at him for the one last time, and without saying a word she left the room…

06-18-16_10-19-10 PM

06-18-16_10-20-09 PM

06-18-16_10-20-28 PM

06-18-16_10-20-52 PM

06-18-16_10-20-58 PM



As much as she wanted to stop thinking about what Charles had said to her, his words were definitely bothering her and she was growing very frustrated. Stepping out of the store, she sighed weakly and decided to sit in the park before heading to the hospital. She needed some fresh air to take her mind off all the accusations and strong words Charles had thrown at her a while back.

He’s the one being selfish, not me. He’s the one thinking about himself and his dream of starting his family. He only wants the child and he’d probably not mind seeing me dead once he gets his baby. But he won’t get what he wants. I’ll make sure he won’t… I won’t give it to him…

sitting alone


11 thoughts on “Interlude (Part 1): Murderer

  1. CitizenErased14 says:

    Damn, sensitive subject… You’re very brave to tackle this one! Hahaha. I still want to smack both of them. 😛 I loved your screenshots of Laura leaving the room!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. EddieSims says:

    I don’t like Charles’ choice of words to describe why they should keep the baby. He’s calling her a murderer and telling her she has no right to terminate the pregnancy. It’s like he’s trying to guilt her into keeping the child instead of convincing her that parenthood might not be as bad as she thinks and to me that’s wrong! Charles should have tried to get to the bottom of why Laura doesn’t want kids so they could at least try to have an honest conversation but instead he belittles and threatens her and that’s not cool Charles, not cool. And Laura, going off to have that abortion just like that and still not talking to Charles about it is also not cool! What is with these two?!
    That being said, I love the way you wrote this. The two of them are clearly on opposite sides of the fence and it’s very interesting story-wise that you have offered both of their thoughts on the situation in a very realistic way. People are not perfect and I like that your characters have flaws…but sometimes I want to slap those two!

    Liked by 2 people

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yup I agree with you 100%
      Charles is attacking her emotionally, thinking that will get her to agree to do what he wants. But that’s so unfair! Like you said, he should’ve tried to find out “why” she doesn’t want to become a parent, instead of forcing his opinions on her indirectly by calling her a murderer.

      Oh and I’m so happy you liked this chapter! I had fun writing it, especially what Laura was thinking about this conversation and remembering what Cathy had told her. And yes, we all have flaws, no one is perfect and that’s the central idea of my story!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    Welp…. with decisions and conversations like these, the bench for those holding #TeamCharLaura signs is going stay empty. I had hope that Charles could lead Laura in a real conversation, but nope. He just focused on what he thought was the best way to get what he wanted. He didn’t even bother to find out why she’s so adamantly against parent hood. I need to slap both of them like a V8 commercial would. Except I’ll say, “coulda loved your partner better.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      I know! I wonder if you’re still holding on to them! 😰

      Haha God knows why Charles is being such a jerk! He could seriously do so much better! Go ahead sister, slap ’em hard! They needa wake up! 😂

      Thanks for reading! And sorry for the late reply😥

      Liked by 1 person

  4. princess2109 says:

    *tour guide voice*
    *holds hand out to Charles* ‘and here we see the A-hole in his prime. Being a manipulative little jerk instead of being an adult’
    *points to Laura* ‘and here we have the pregnant silent treatment who seems dead set on not speaking and this ladies and gents is why I’m so confused as too how this family is still standing’

    Liked by 1 person

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