Interlude (Part 2): Weird visions

Note: This chapter has a ton of pictures that are very important to understand the story, so please wait while all the images load!  Your patience is highly appreciated! Thank you and enjoy! 🙂




sitting alone

Mom.. dad

isn't that me... what's going on

06-20-16_7-49-45 PM

06-20-16_7-53-38 PM

06-20-16_7-57-51 PM

wait... where are you going

Oh my God... they left me...

What do I do...

I need to go tell her it'll be okay wait... huh... who's that girl

let me go talk to her

oh... who's that

oh honey... mamma's here... stop crying sweety

I thought you left me in the park alone... baby i would never do that

06-20-16_9-22-44 PM

is the little my daughter...

gasp... isn't that... Charles...

stop it mommy and daddy, we're in the park and all my friends are looking at you


daddy I want icecream and mommy won't let me have any

daddy icecream... alrighty.... Charles! I said no


06-20-16_9-50-21 PM

06-20-16_9-48-16 PM


let's go get some icecream for my sweet angel

06-21-16_1-24-03 PM

06-21-16_1-32-05 PM


oww brain freeze... do u want some more


06-20-16_10-02-22 PM

06-20-16_10-07-21 PM

06-20-16_10-12-12 PM

what was that

What was that? Laura thought, whispering to herself as her breathing became uneven. The visions of her past and of her possible future had left her awe-stricken and speechless. She realized how wrong she was in thinking that she would be a terrible parent, that she would give her child all the pain that she had endured in her childhood.

“I will never have kids because I don’t want anyone else to suffer the way I have”, she remembered the promise she had made herself all those years ago. And now she realized how foolish she had been to make such a promise. How could my children possibly suffer? After all, their well-being would be my responsibility; whether to give them happiness or pain would be in my hands. Laura let out a chuckle at the thought of making her child’s life a living hell; a hell she had lived for fifteen years. She could never let that happen, after all she was nothing like her parents.  She would never be indifferent towards her child’s needs or unconcerned about their well-being. Only a cold-hearted person would do that. She wasn’t cruel or cold-hearted.

Laura smiled remembering Charles’ words, “let go of your fears, Laura.” Yes, fear. Fear of being an irresponsible parent was what had forced her to take the decision of terminating the pregnancy, killing the baby, her baby. Laura shuddered at the thought of killing an innocent soul.

“No this isn’t right.” Laura told herself firmly, “my baby deserves to live and it will live and I will make sure to give it all the happiness in the world!”

Laura had never felt this optimistic and exuberant in a long time. She lifted her head high and pulling her chest out in pride, she stood up to walk back home to Charles…

06-21-16_2-07-40 PM

06-21-16_2-13-59 PM


14 thoughts on “Interlude (Part 2): Weird visions

  1. EddieSims says:

    I’m glad she changed her mind because of her own epiphany and not because of Charles’ attempt to guilt her into keeping the baby. Laura finally faced her fears and decided not to let it ruin her chance at having the life she wants but was too afraid to have. I just hope Charles doesn’t hold her initial desire to terminate the pregnancy against her in the future because it seems like something he might do if they get into an argument over the kid. Unless Laura actually explains her fears to him so he can understand where she was coming from in the first place and they can truly move forward. Btw, Laura’s vision daughter is so cute I just can’t handle it! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Oh yes I agree with you! I also like how you predicted what Charles might say to Laura in the future Haha that was cute! 😁 And yup, she should explain her fears and also tell him why she had those fears, ie she should finally reveal the secret about her parents! I guess only then will Charles truly understand what she’d been going through for all these years! 😢

      Haha and I loved their daughter, too! I hope Laura gets a girl in real! 😄😍

      Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to read your comment in the next chapter😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CitizenErased14 says:

    The way you did the vision was great! It was really well-done and quite effective. I love how you set up this chapter! I’m glad Laura is figuring things out on her own. But she still REALLY needs to talk to Charles #TeamIStillWannaSmackThem

    Liked by 3 people

  3. princess2109 says:

    ugh, i’m so happy Laura got over her fear on her own!
    Does this -unfortunately- mean that Charles is gonna get a big head bc he got his way?
    (even her dream babies are blonde xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Lol Charles will get what he’s wanted but so will Laura becoz this is something she’s wanted, too. She was only lying to herself for all these years becoz she was afraid to even think of starting her own family, afraid becoz she felt she’ll be a horrible parent like her own parents. Now everything’s crystal clear and it seems like Laura and Charles in fact share the same dream of a happy family! Isn’t that cute? 🙂
      Lol and about their daughter having blonde hair, she’s actually the younger Laura herself, only with Charles’ hair color. So yeah, she’s technically got all of Laura’s features 😝😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. julyvee94 says:

    Awesome screenshots! Finally Laura is figuring out some truths 😀 though I still wonder why she held on to that riddiculous belief of hers for so long xD Go tell Charles the good news! And she also needs to tell him about their past :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Aww yay I’m glad you liked the screenshots! 😋😊

      We need to pat Laura’s back because she’s finally on the right track, poor girl seemed so lost! 😦

      Well, good you asked why she believed such a thing… So basically, after her mum left her at her aunt’s place, Laura practically grew up without a parent. When she was mature enough to understand how the world works, she realized things like marriages and parenthood are not her cup of tea since she did not have parents who could serve as role-models and show her how it’s done. Also, she had only seen the dark side of marriages (that they never work out) and of parenthood (the right way to care for a child). Because of this, she decided to stay away from them, until she met Charles who showed her the “other” side or the “bright” side of these things she had been running away from for all these years! Now she agrees her fears are irrational and she’s changing her mind, which is such a great thing! So proud of her! LOL

      She DOES have to tell him about her past. Let’s see what new drama unfolds after Laura has this conversation with him in the next chapter! Thanks for reading! ✌😁

      Liked by 1 person

  5. RosemaryMarie says:

    I’m so glad Laura is facing her past and coming to her own conclusions. I kind of hope she will tell Charles what her fears were, too, so that he comes to realize he didn’t have the best approach and that maybe he should have tried to help her figure this out. 🙂 Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yes she needs to tell him the truth! Everyone’s screaming that at Laura, but she ain’t the one to listen! So stubborn! 😒 This attitude of hers is going to get her in some serious trouble one day! Of course had Charles known the truth, he would’ve been the one to make her realize how foolish she was being! Thankfully she figured that out herself! Phew!

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Wow this coming from you is a bit of a surprise! I thought you’d be all ‘yay, finally you see the truth laura! You go girl!’ LOL But you’re taking a safer stance, being prudent and I like that! 👍
      The next chapter will surprise you and the one after that will surprise you even more! (At least that’s what I’m hoping 😄😂)

      Liked by 1 person

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