1.33 Bish, please!

Note: This chapter is rated PG-13 as it contains non-explicit sexual content and swearing.


As the last week of April approached, Laura couldn’t contain her excitement. Move out day was very close but Laura had nothing to worry about. She had already packed all their clothes into airbags and was now packing other belongings, lining up cardboard boxes throughout their tiny studio apartment.


Whenever she tried lifting or moving the heavy boxes, Charles would yell at her but she would yell back, asking him to mind his own business.

yelled at Laura

Laura had stopped taking her pills because she was sure they would affect her baby’s development. And that only made her cranky, short-tempered and illogical. But luckily she could easily get away by simply blaming the mood swings on her pregnancy.

Charles, who would’ve otherwise ignored her, did not hesitate to stop her even if it lead to an argument; it was his duty to take care of Laura’s health knowing that the first three months were the most crucial months for the growth of their baby. Charles knew this because he had been reading “What to expect when you’re expecting” every night before going to bed.

read what to expect when you're expecting

He only wanted to be a part of this experience and contribute as much as he could by doing little things like giving Laura her meds on time, helping her out in the kitchen and doing any other household work that included handling heavy objects. He also couldn’t wait for the day he would get to hold their baby in his hands. At times he was jealous of Laura for being able to feel their baby, and for being a part of it for nine whole months. And so Charles tried involving himself so he could actually feel like a responsible father.

That afternoon, after lunch Charles called up Mr. Wickham for an update on their house in Willow Creek. He thought it was strange that despite only three days for April to end, Mr. Wickham hadn’t called to give any updates. Charles was worried something was wrong and he was in fact right.

06-28-16_6-22-41 PM

Unfortunately, the house wasn’t ready. Mr. Wickham apologized and informed him that they would need two more months to complete the interiors- painting, fixing lights and furnishing the ground floor and Charles and Laura’s bedroom. Charles was disappointed but unlike him, Laura’s reaction was a lot more extreme. She was fuming and huffing and puffing, stomping throughout the apartment in anger, kicking the cardboard boxes and yelling at Charles. Though he tried calming her down, she pushed his hand away and stomped out of the apartment.

she's such a drama queen



Squashing a tiny bug on the park bench, Laura looked at it with disgust as green liquid, oozing out of the bug’s body, spread all over her fingers. Laura was so mad at the contractor Mr. Wickham for delaying the house renovation.

06-28-16_6-01-08 PM

She felt exactly like the bug, crushed and broken from within. She partly blamed Charles for this, saying that he should have picked another contractor in place of Wickham. Her anger was sky high and she was only looking for an opportunity to give vent to her anger.

Just then she received a call from her bff Eva- Eva who hadn’t been there for her promotion party two weeks ago, Eva who hadn’t picked up Laura’s call after her big fight with Charles that same night. If it were another time, Laura would’ve been super mad at her bff, but since she was dying to share the big news with her, Laura decided to take a long deep breath and forget her anger for a bit.

It was Eva

1. E- I'm so sorry I couldn't call earlier

4. I'd Been to the hospital, too

5. E- Oh god lord, are ya alright. L- I'm pregnant

After a very long and a rather awkward silence,

6. Hello... Eva are you there

7. E- Idk how to react... sho' I'm happy

8. I've thought this thru and I know I'm ready

9. E-Do ya believe in your self... L-Of course, I am. Charles says I'm ready and I believe-

10. E- Honey don't tell me what Charles says,

11. L- so what according to you is the right thing to do, huh. E- givin' the baby up for adoption

12. why would I when I have a loving boyrfriend...

13. E-cause you're blinded. ya' ain't seen the truth...

14. so don't I deserve to be happy... E-Honey I didn't mean that...

15. What's your problem Eva. No really, you never bothered calling me once... Eva- I was-

16. You never bothered calling me once after that. And now... Eva- Laura what are you saying

17. No let me finish...

18. And you want to snatch all this away fro me

20. Oh shut the fuck up Eva...

19. E- Laura you're having another episode..

22. Oh I'm doing what I'm supposed to and that's living my life...

Laura pressed the ‘end call’ button with all her force and slammed the phone on the park bench.

she hit the end call button

Her head ached terribly as though someone was hammering from the inside. She shut her eyes, trying to calm herself down but Eva’s words kept echoing in her ears. She couldn’t believe how selfish, sly and cruel she was. Eva was like a sister to Laura, but today she saw what Eva was truly like.

she shut her eyes trying to calm herself down

After five minutes of deep breathing, Laura convinced herself to not get affected by Eva’s words and to try and forget their conversation.

I’m not going to let that fat bish ruin my life. Let her go to hell. I’m going to raise my baby with my boyfriend and no one can stop us; they won’t dare to.


Charles was busy unloading the boxes, when Laura barged in and declared she wanted to go shopping for new maternity clothes. Seeing a smile on her face, Charles’ gloomy mood was brightened up and they quickly left for a maternity store located a few blocks away.

They spent the entire evening buying clothes and spent some more time in the newborn babies section of the store admiring the array of baby products. Charles scanned through the shelves in every ally, making a mental note of all the things they would be needing seven months from now while Laura kept herself busy in the toys and clothes section. Before heading home, they had dinner at an Italian restaurant. As much as Charles wanted to walk into a Japanese restaurant to eat sushi, he sacrificed his wish because now he knew that sushi was bad for pregnant women.

They finally reached home at ten. Charles was extremely exhausted but Laura still felt energetic and high. She then tried on every piece of clothing and did a little fashion show for him.

07-01-16_4-58-38 PM

ramp walk for him

he yawned

Charles applauded, yawning lazily throughout but he sat upright, looking attentively the moment Laura said ‘lingerie’.


“So I’ll try this on.” she said waving the red piece of cloth in the air, “I know you’ll love it.” She gave him a cheeky smirk before turning around and walking towards the bathroom.

Charles blushed a little, looking down at the floor he said “Do you think it’s okay to woohoo when you’re pregnant?”

Laura who was about to walk in the bathroom, stopped and turned around, “I really don’t know, but I guess you should know since you’re reading that book.”

Charles simply shrugged then went back to looking down at the floor.

“Well I hope it’s okay because I’ve never ever felt any sexier in my life!” she looked at him intensely then looked at the red lingerie in her hand. “You know what, chuck this,” saying this she threw the lingerie on the floor and swiftly moved close to Charles, kissing him passionately…

07-03-16_2-42-19 PM





3 4




wanna go for round two

that was hot




And they lived happily ever after…

Nah… just kidding 😂

10 thoughts on “1.33 Bish, please!

  1. NoaLyn says:

    I don’t like that Laura is keeping her illness a secret from Charles… He should know about that if they want to spend their life together! And I’m curious, I want to know what it is xD
    Hahaha that last two sentences are hilarious xDD

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      You’ll know why she’s hiding this in the Epilogue that’s just ’round the corner! Gen 1 is about to end 😀 You’re so right that he should! And just guess what’ll happen when he does find out? 😨 Also, you’ll know what her illness is very very soon!

      And tehehe I wrote those last two sentences at the very last minute, right before hitting the publish button! 😆 😜 Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CitizenErased14 says:

    Lmao that “just kidding” 😛 I am definitely thinking Laura has either bipolar or borderline. I had a friend who actually had BOTH, and Laura has a lot of her symptoms.

    Eva wasn’t being entirely fair, of course. But Laura crossed a line in the way she reacted.

    I’m very eager to see what happens next! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      You’ll know very very soon 😉

      Eva was probably right because she does know Laura in and out. You might feel Eva’s bossing around and poking her nose in Laura’s life, but after you find out about their past, and all that Eva has done for Laura, you’ll probably say Laura’s being the bish here! We’ll be going 15 years back in the first few chapters of Gen 2! I don’t want to reveal anything more, just that many questions will be answered as the story progresses!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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