1.34 Call me Dad

Note: This chapter is loaded with pictures, and I mean literally loaded like we have a fully loaded pizza with extra cheese? That “kind” of loaded 😂  For your convenience, I have counted the pictures and there are a total of 91 images! (See? I told you it is loaded!) Please make sure all the images load since they have dialogues in them, like comic-strips! You might even have to count to see if there are 91 pictures in all LOL, but that’s up to you! (Pssst, though I’d suggest you DO count before you begin to read… I know it’s a pain, but you know how they say: no pain, no gain! 😝)

Hope you like this chapter! Enjoy! ❤





3 haha i'm sorry, it's just that... LC how do I know He's your father

4 yes, but...

5 cool, so did u


7 look we're here












19 Hey Laura! How are you... I'm great Mrs. McDougal, yum that smells delicious!


(You can click on the images to enlarge them!)


You see the picture where I’m waving? That was the first day of elementary school. Look how excited I am! The other three photos are totally random! I don’t even remember why I look so sad in the fourth picture! 😂



That’s Drago, my favorite life-sized stuffed dragon! He was my best-friend before I met Jon and Carter in middle school. Look that’s Jon in blue and Carter beside him and that’s his sister Hayden. I had a huge crush on her in 8th grade 😛 But she started dating Jon because I wasn’t brave enough to tell her how I felt about her. But I’m glad I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met you otherwise 😉. And the last photo is random again, that’s teenager Cathy by the way! She was laughing becoz dad and I were acting like goofballs 😜



That’s the very first dragon sculpture I made in school. I guess it was in 9th grade when I found my passion for woodworking. And then dad bought me a woodworking table for my 16th birthday. Thanks dad! 😃 And that Polaroid picture is from Senior Prom. Yes, that’s Carter’s sister, because she’d broken up with Jon and I still had some feelings for her 😛 But I swear I don’t like her anymore!



Cathy’s Wedding! Haha that’s a selfie I took with dad on my 20th birthday. Gosh, those sunglasses are embarrassing! 😆 And the last photo was taken the day before Jon and Carter left for college! I miss those guys so much…



21 Charles can we go home

22 Laura, dear are you okay... LC I feel a little sick

23 maybe you could nap in Charles' room

24 No I just want to leave

25 why laura what's wrong

26 hey hey, what's wrong... why are you crying



Laura I'm so sorry... No you don't have to be...

OMG, Laura is that why you never... Yes becoz I didn't want to..

29 Laura you don't have to cry over the loss of your father...

30 I didn't get you, sir.

31 No, not sir. Call me dad.

32 But...

33 Look, Laura. You're a part of our family, now.



At dinner, the same night…

35 Oh yum... this is delicious... sure dear, have some more...

36 Oh btw Charles, when is the big day...

37 Oh no Charles... I didn't ask the due date, I asked about your wedding.

38 Mom, we're not getting married so soon

39 Oh dear, not getting married... so will you be having a child out of wedlock... yes, why is that a bad thing

40 yes it is for us... that's not how we do it in our family.

41 But mom we're... I'm not ready to tie the knot.

42 but you're ready to be a mother...

43 I know many single mothers who haven't married, whose children don't have fathers... BM We're not them Laura....

44 We'll I'm a Croft and we really don't care... This child's going to be a McDougal

45 Bayley, you should calm down. Let's all eat first and...

46 what my child will and will not be is not for you to decide, Bayley.

47 It's Mrs. McDougal for you... Charles, upstairs. NOW






52 Mom, what was that all about... BM Tell me you're not doing this Charles...

53 But mom, nobody cares!

54 I do, so does your father, so does your family.

55 Laura's upbringing is different Charles. Maybe her family does not value these things, but we do.

57 We didn't mind because we saw how happy she made you. You seemed so lost, so lonely after Jon and Carter left for college.

56 Despite these differences we accepted her. We were okay with the drinking and partying all night and even getting you to do tho

58 But this Charles, this is ridiculous!

59 Mom, having children before marriage is as cool as...

60 Cool... what's cool about that...

61 Mom you're crazy... just stop interferring in our lives

62 So is that what you think I'm doing...


64 Bayley, there was no need for you to react the way you did...

65 Poor girl...

66 I know my roots and...

67 The times are changing Bayley...

68 Yes mom, dad is absolutely right...

69 I think I was a little too rude...


70 where's Laura



73 oh why aren't you at the table, btw.... I'm not hungry anymore. I think I've lost my appetite....


20 minutes later…



76 Oh dear you can call me mom



Please mom, give her some time, she'll forget about this conversation by tomorrow!

Bye mom..

so you're moving to willow creek next week, aren't you..

yes Laura and I have planned a housewarming party...

sure honey, your dad and I would love to stay over

yeah, we'll be there Charles, with a bottle of champagne

07-05-16_6-40-52 PM


10 thoughts on “1.34 Call me Dad

  1. EddieSims says:

    I found that last part after they all came downstairs hilarious!!! The look on Laura’s face alone during those exchanges! I’m sure it took a lot out of her to not call Charles’ mother a ‘bish’ like she did to Eva. LOL. I wish Charles’ wouldn’t get his hopes up because I still don’t see Laura changing her mind about marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Haha I loved the face Laura made when his mom said, “You can call me mom” 😂 She was like, “are you out of your mind?”😂😜

      And yes Charles is being too optimistic. Maybe he believes that if he thinks negatively, it may come true LOL I just totally made that up 😝

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. subtlesimming says:

    I just got all caught up to this–I love the style of your writing!! 🙂

    Charles and Laura have definitely been in a toxic situation from the start but it seems like things are looking up! I just wish she’d open up about her illness, especially since she opened up about her parents finally!

    PS: I loved Laura’s sass at the end lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Hey thanks for reading! I’m so happy to know that you loved the story 🙂

      Yes these two have been going on and off but they’re finally starting to understand each other and even open up, tho Laura still has A LOT to tell him!

      And bahaha I loved her expression in the last screenshot, too! That one came out really well and I’m happy I got that in one take! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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