Enjoy these funny moments from Generation 1! 


Laura DIED

Yes… Laura had died during Christmas! 😭 But I brought her back to life 🙂


Ugh… Awkward!!

why are you staring at me like that charles

That's a nice outfit for a wedding

05-17-16_7-41-10 PM

Thanks for photobombing butterfly! 😒

go get a room, you two

seriously, there are children here

Laura's ghost!!

OMG! Look who showed up at Laura’s promotion party?! Laura’s ghost! Laura loves the nightclub even after dying. Old habits die hard, they say! LOL 😂

06-30-16_4-54-24 PM

Dinner's served..

Ouch! What the hell?! 😳 😨

07-03-16_6-05-51 PM

This is creepy on soooo many levels! They’re Charles’ uncles btw! 😂

07-04-16_5-55-26 PM

07-04-16_5-55-02 PM


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