House Tour!

Note:  Since many of you guys wanted to see what the furnished house looks like, I decided to post the screenshots here! Hope you guys like it! 🙂


front view

Front view

Front porch

hallway 1

This is the hallway, when you first enter in through the front door

living room 1

To the right, we have the living room

A few shots of the living room…

living room 2

living room 3

kitchen 1

Going back out, to the left (right across the living room) is the kitchen

A few shots of the kitchen…

kitchen 2

You can enter into the dinning room from the doorway to the right

kitchen 3

kitchen 4

hallway 2 (backyard door)

We’re back in the hallway… the door straight ahead is the back door which leads to the backyard

family room 1

And moving ahead to the right, we have the family room

A few shots of the family room…

family room 2

family room 3

family room 4

family room 5

dinning room 1

Coming back into the hallway, to the left (right across the family room) is the dinning room

A few shots of the dinning room

dinning room 2

Hey Charles! 😜

dinning room 3

Look, to the left is the family room and to the right is the kitchen

door to kitchen from dinning room

This doorway connects the dinning room to the kitchen

Now let’s go upstairs!

upstairs 1

When you first walk upstairs, you’ll see three doors

upstairs 3

To the right is one more room

upstairs 2

And to the left we have two more rooms!

Let’s have a look at Charles’ and Laura’s bedroom….

bedroom 1

When you first walk in…

bedroom 2

To the right… (Hey Laura!)

bedroom 3

To the left…. that door leads to the bathroom

CL bathroom 1

When you first enter into the bathroom

A few more shots of the bathroom…

CL bathroom 2

CL bathroom 3

Now let’s have a look at the nursery!

nursery 1

When you first enter in…

A few more shots of the nursery…

nursery 4

nursery 2

nursery 3

nursery 5


Now let’s go back downstairs, to the backyard!

1 back porch

This is the back porch

2 stairs to the backyard

A view of the backyard from the back porch

3 Charles work area

To the right, is Charles’ work area

4 Charles work area

A closer shot of his work area

5 pergola

To left, is the pergola

6 pergola

A closer shot of the pergola

7 pergola

One more 😛

8 backyard

9 aeriel view

And that’s the end of our house tour! Thank you and I hope you had fun! 😀


10 thoughts on “House Tour!

  1. EddieSims says:

    I love the house! It’s so family oriented. Makes me wonder if Charles had more input in the decor than Laura. Lol. I’m gonna give up on Laura telling Charles the truth because it looks like the only way he will learn is when something bad happens and either someone else tells him or she is forced to tell him. Either way, it won’t sit well with Charles to find out after so long and that might be the reason why he leaves her and not the illness itself. Sigh. Laura, when will you learn???

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Yay thank you! Charles says he’s glad you loved his interior designing and decorating style! LOL And yes Charles is the one who decorated the house!

      And we’ll see what happens when Charles does find out about the illness…. next gen, we’ll delve into Laura’s past and find out how she got this disorder in the first place!

      Thanks for reading and giving your feedback! Helped me a lot to stay motivated! 😊 Meet you in the next Generation!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. fabtiffsim says:

    I love the yard/outside area! The leaves made me think it was sims 3 at first… I loved the scenery and the seasons the most about that game. Is it CC? All those leaves?


  3. Chicago-Style Girl says:

    I love love love this house! It’s so homey. And the layout is amazing, it looks like my friend’s house she grew up in. A lot of the Sims houses don’t exactly resemble real home layouts, but this one was a real home run!

    Liked by 1 person

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