1.35 Epilogue


I haven’t written to you guys in a very long time, even though I have a lot to tell y’all. I’m pregnant, in the third trimester and I’m about to pop any minute. Yes you read that right, I, Laura Croft, am going to become a mother. It’s funny, isn’t it?


I never thought I’d be doing this, but guess I was wrong. I was wrong about many things. I thought I was sure what I wanted from life, and starting a family was never a part of my to-do list.


But people change like seasons. I changed my mind, too. It just feels weird, you know? It’s like I don’t know who I am anymore, like I had been lying to myself about who I really was, I had been running away from myself for all these years, but now I have a clear idea of who I am and what I want from life. And guess who I have to thank? Charles.


I was wrong about him, too. I used to think he was very selfish when he tried convincing me to keep our baby, but he only made me realize my mistake. He’s been so supportive, never letting go of me, and being so patient even though I haven’t told him about my past, about you guys and that I’m bi-polar.


I don’t trust him enough. I guess I’m afraid he’ll abandon me and I’d even decided to leave him before he broke up with me. That was two years back, remember? I thought I could live without him, that it was just another breakup, but I was wrong. Again. He’s really not like any of them. He’s special.


Plus, I can’t face rejection again, not after so many people have abandoned me in the past. You know, I even had a nightmare a few months ago… when he found out that I was ill, he called me a freak then he asked me to leave and he said that we were done forever. That nightmare is proof enough that he’ll freak out if I tell him.


So I just cover it up with my pills. Besides, I’m going to stay bi-polar for the rest of my life, so it wouldn’t matter even if he knows because it’s not like he can do much to help cure the illness. Likewise, it won’t matter if I don’t tell him about you guys, his life won’t get affected. So who cares, really?


But sometimes I wish I could be more honest with him. He deserves to know. I feel bad keeping all these secrets from him, I feel like I’m cheating on him; the feeling is that bad. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t know who to ask. I could ask Eva but we aren’t really talking. I used to think she was my best friend, she was like a sister to me who really understood me more than anyone else. But I was wrong. Again. She just has this evil dark side to her that I wasn’t aware of.


You know who else showed their true colors? Bayley McDougal. She’s such a pretentious woman who has a very evil side to her, too. I mean forcing me to get married just because that’s what her family has been doing? What dumb shit is this? “These are the traditions of the McDougals”, she said. Like yeah, who gives a shit about her crappy traditions, anyway? Charles’ dad is so sweet and kind, even though he seemed a bit indifferent at the beginning. But Bayley? She’s just a fake bitch. I hate when she gives me her fake smiles and calls me ‘dear’… like, hello? Do you think I can’t see your real evil face hidden behind that fake mask you’re wearing?


Ugh.. and then Charles invited them to stay with us for a week! She pissed me off all seven days, talking about cooking and sharing her recipes with me. That woman knows nothing except cooking. I hate her! I’ll make sure Charles does not call them over, ever again. I can’t stay in the same room as that woman.


I’m currently laughing at how hilarious the previous paragraph is. I guess you can never get along with the mother of your boyfriend! That’s a universal truth.


I don’t have anything else to tell y’all. Oh except that we moved to Willow Creek in June, in this beautiful one storey family home that Charles built himself! Well, he didn’t exactly build it himself, he only designed the layout of the whole house. And it’s stunning! Looks just like grandma’s cottage! Do you remember we used to go there every summer break? I miss grandma and I miss y’all, too… I should probably stop because I’m feeling very nostalgic now.


I’ll write again once the baby’s born. The doctor told us it’s a boy. I’m not exactly happy… I wanted a girl but there’s nothing I can do about it. I only pray the baby is healthy and that it doesn’t hurt too much when I give birth. Aagh… I’m freaking out already!


Take care and I’ll write to you soon.


Your loving daughter,


13 thoughts on “1.35 Epilogue

      • O'jenn says:

        Yeah this one kind of hit home for me. I have a mental illness as well and telling my fiance was probably one of the best things I have done. It has probably helped him when dealing with me and my episodes.


      • RemïNarrow says:

        Well you should go yell this in Laura’s face! She seriously needs to realize how important it is to be honest about such things with your boyfriend/spouse and that hiding such an important piece of information can have some serious consequences in the future! But she’s not thinking right, and that’s probably becoz she’s bipolar; the disorder is messing up with her ability to think rationally!

        Let’s see how long she’s able to keep this a secret. I mean if she’s going to spend the rest of her life with Charles, he’s obviously going to find out one day or another. And when he does… 😂 you can expect a lot of drama that day!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. CitizenErased14 says:

    Aha! I knew it had to be either borderline or bipolar! Laura really has to open up to Charles. Bipolar is such a serious issue to deal with. He deserves to know the truth, especially since it could affect the future of their family!

    And it was really sad when she said she wasn’t happy about baby being a boy. She should be excited and love her child no matter what! But this is Laura after all… XD

    Anyway, I’m sad you’re going on a hiatus, but this was a very dramatic first generation that was very entertaining to read! Thank you for sharing this story with us! This epilogue was really well-written and was a good send-off to get ready for the next generation!

    I am looking forward to meeting the little one when you come back for Gen 2! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      Next Gen, we’ll delve into Laura’s past and learn more about how she got this disorder in the first place!

      About the child, LOL Laura’s hilarious! God knows why she wrote that! 😂

      Aww I’m sad that I have to go away, too. But I’ll be (or will try to be) back very soon! I just need to focus on my studies right now and since I’m terrible at multi-tasking, I prefer putting the story on hold! I’m so so happy to hear that you loved the drama and found it entertaining and it means a lot coming from YOU; you who are pro at writing dramatic stories like D2D and A2A! 😍 Seriously I’m fortunate to have received feedback from you! Thank you so much for everything! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • RemïNarrow says:

      OMG you’re the first and the only one who noticed this twist! I’M SO HAPPY! 😂 😝 She’s a big fat liar! She’s lying about EVERYTHING! And she’s guilty and shameful for doing this and that’s why she had that dream, where Charles breaks up with her saying that their relationship has been a lie! And Laura knows this fact, isn’t that why she heard him say that in her dream? And despite all these warnings, she hasn’t learnt her lesson…

      LOL and that last line! That cracked me up 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chicago-Style Girl says:

        I’m glad I’m cracking you up, lol. Laura has me so frustrated right now. You’ve almost succeeded in pushing me off the Charlaura ship. Such a toxic relationship. It will be a magical event if their son turns out normal.

        Liked by 1 person

      • RemïNarrow says:

        Haha yeah see the funny thing is, Laura’s going around calling everyone a bish but really, she’s the one acting like a bish right, now! 😂 No wonder you’re on the verge of losing faith in these two! And what’ll happen of their son, we’ll see next gen! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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