Laura Croft

Age: 20-23

Birthday: July, 10th

Traits: Self-assured, Out-going, Insider

Aspiration: Party animal

Occupation: Detective career (cadet/ officer/ corporal)



Laura Croft

Laura is a bold and fearless young woman who has been molded by the circumstances she grew up in. She may look sweet and gentle, but she is in fact a tough cookie. She loves spending time with her friends and boy, does she have A LOT of them! She’s a social butterfly, extremely out-going and very dependable. That’s one reason why everyone loves her so much! She’s also a party animal and loves partying all night long. She does not have any aspirations in life and only lives for the moment without giving a care about her future.

Laura’s childhood was not like that of most children and it has a huge impact on the kind of person she is today. Her father was an alcoholic and that led to her family splitting up. She grew up thinking marriages are something she has to stay away from. After a lot of reflection, she finally decided to leave her aunt’s home who practically raised her for 7 years, on her 15th birthday.

She is now living with her room-mates who’re her new family, far far away from home, a place she never wants to revisit or even think about… “Are they even alive… who cares?” she thinks to herself every night before going to bed.


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